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Magnetite Rust Method
Next generation of countermeasures against deterioration of water supply pipes !

Magnetite Rust Method for water pipes

Magnetite Rust Method for water pipes is a method for lengthen the life of water supply pipes by changing red rust in water pipes into black rust by running reformed water in the pipes, and repair deteriorated and damaged pipes caused by red rust by filling with black rust.

- 3Features -

Water leakage prevention
Water leakage can be prevented by changing red rust into black rust since pipe wall thickness can be recovered to original thickness. Additionally repair tape can be used for the water leakage pipes.
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Improve red water and pipe clogging
Chances of pip clogging are reduced and red water is eliminated because black rust is 10 times more dense than red rust and has high crystallinity.
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Low cost & short rework time
Cost is about 1/20 to 1/30 of water pipes replacement, and about 1/5 of lining method repair.
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NCSC Method(Non Chemical Scale Contorol)
Energy saving ! Cost saving ! Environmentally friendly countermeasures for scale !

NCSC Method (Non Chemical Scale Control)

  • Scale can be removed without using chemicals !
  • 30% reduction of electricity consumption is possible by enhancing the heat exchange efficiency !
  • The exchange period of the filter can be dramatically extended !

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Other solutions

Other solutions


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Technology certified by
NETIS (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism)
Technology of Magnetite Rust Method for water pipes applied on BW(The Biowater) water reforming equipment, can be used for maintenance, repair and recovery of water supply pipes and air conditioning pipes using tap water, well water and industrial water. This technology can realize about 70% cost reduction compared to conventional lining method repair. BW water reforming equipment can change red rust into black rust and lengthen life of water supply pipes.